Whatever any one of us has taken on consciously or unconsciously that has contributed to inequality and separation may we look deep and thoroughly at our ignorance, fear and hate and pull from our cellular memory to correct and connect to the present any way we have caused separation. And with equal view of these inperceivably split off parts of the whole allow to come undone, and awaken so that we may consciously return in unity with full awareness of the wholeness of who we truly are…a being of love. Claim that! May every action arise from here!
~excerpt from the Soul Power Workbook

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Who is steering your ship?
Do you have control of your rudder?
Like all of life nothing is totally good nor bad. We areUnreal, Ship, Marine sifting the chaff from the seed.
Truth from lies and uncoupling the subtler discernment and growing greater wisdom.
May we work together and sort what is and is not working in our own lives, our community and our world.
We are entering a phase of ultimate experience.
If we don’t know how to trust our self how can we know the guidance. Just like our own personal work we must face our fears, uncertainty, confusion and all that comes with growth.
Any reactionary defensiveness for or against calls us to stand in the divide and view it all. Only here can wise action arise.
Self responsibility is paramount…choosing what we invest in is deeply powerful and maintaining our strength and ability to hold impeccable focus on the middle way! We are toddlers growing our footing. Experience is the only way to learn this phase of development
~ excerpt from my book, The Soul Power Workbook


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May the courage to speak

the truth ignite our faith

in a greater wisdom

at work here.

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“We are intrinsically whole in our natural state of being.

The adjustment is generating compassion for any way we

fall short of our inherent wisdom.”

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“True knowing arises from repeated practice

and direct embodied experience.”

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Higher Ground Interview

Community access TV ~ Jennifer and I am interviewed on Buck’s show ‘Higher Ground’~ about the Terrain of Essence work ~ what a delight!

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“Patience is the key, space is the doorway, love is the medicine.” ~ Holy Here Wholy You

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“The God spark we are is not deficient.

Dare to be courageous and embrace your fullness.”

In this video the student processing discerns between egoic identity and True Self.

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Terrain Of Essence ~ Embodiment Awakening


Awakening to the Subtle Energies of Your Soul

Terrain of Essence is an experiential self-actualization process helping you to  live the authentic nature that you truly be through recognizing and embodying the essential capacities of your souls innate wisdom.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work I’ve done with you. My heart feels so open and I wanted to share that with you. Your work and efforts in your own growth have opened you to truly be a channel for healing for others. You are a precious pearl…midwifing others essence to shine!’ ~ P.M.

In a supportive way I’m invited to go where I need to go, and am empowered to participate in my own healing. The self-authenticity piece you provide in your work is huge. Thank you so much for your work. It is profound and transformative.” ~ David Langston

http://www.TerrainOfEssenceTeachings.com    http://www.KimLincoln.com   http://www.TerrainOfEssence.com

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ONLINE SATSONG MEET-UP GROUP meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:00 to 5:30 pm PST.~35.00 per session.

This will be an open format of inquiry, directly presencing your soul’s essence. Discover your True Self by coming home to you, touched by the subtle Grace of your Soul.

To Register so that you receive the Link contact ~ info@kimlincoln.com




In Person ~ With Kim Lincoln at Beloved Sanctuary, Olympia, WA ~ Weekend Workshops

 Spring 2019 – Winter 2021


Spring ~    May 25/26   ‘ Presencing Essence’

Spring~     June the 22/23rd     ‘Ethics, Emotions, Energetics’

Fall ~         Sept 27/28/29 [30th optional]   ‘You Loving You’


Winter ~     Jan 25/26    ‘Presencing Essence’

Spring ~      May 30/31   ‘Touching the Terrain’

Fall ~          Sept 25/26/27  [28th optional] ‘The Alchemy of Essence’


Winter ~      Jan 30/31    ‘Presencing Essence’

Each Weekend is 115.00 per day ~ 10:00 to 6:00 pm ~ info@kimlincoln.com ~  to register



Visit ~ Terrain of Essence Teachings ~ The School at:




Published!   ‘Holy Here Wholy You: Discovering Your Authentic Self’ by Kim Lincoln

A self-help book ~ with supportive exercises to return to balance and release stress.

This book orients you the reader to the mind-body-heart-soul relationship, taking you on a journey through the stages of consciousness; self-knowing, with real life stories, and an essential interpretation of the real Wizard of Oz!



Please join me on Maui where I will be guest teaching at the at the Hawaii Sufi Camp   in May!  http://sufishawaii.org/


Deep Lake Sanctuary, Touching the Terrain,  Energetic Bodywork Training series:  Jan. 26th, Feb. 23rd   Nov. 24th, Dec. 29th, call 360-866-9234 to register.


I am pleased to announce the upcoming residential retreat presented by Alan Gutman,M.D. and myself.

This is a splendid opportunity to gather in community, steep in, embody, and delight in the nourishment of your essential nature.

Please send your contact info that’s on the flier below, along with your deposit, to the address on the flier by August 1st.

In turn we will send you details about the particulars and ask what food preferences you may have.

Thank you for you loving dedication to being all you can be!

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