Terrain Of Essence ~ Embodiment Awakening


Awakening to the Subtle Energies of Your Soul

Terrain of Essence is an experiential self-actualization process helping you to  live the authentic nature that you truly be through recognizing and embodying the essential capacities of your souls innate wisdom.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work I’ve done with you. My heart feels so open and I wanted to share that with you. Your work and efforts in your own growth have opened you to truly be a channel for healing for others. You are a precious pearl…midwifing others essence to shine!’ ~ P.M.

In a supportive way I’m invited to go where I need to go, and am empowered to participate in my own healing. The self-authenticity piece you provide in your work is huge. Thank you so much for your work. It is profound and transformative.” ~ David Langston

For more information: http://www.TerrainOfEssence.com


About Kim Lincoln

Kim Lincoln is a midwife of the soul, providing opportunities for growth and positive change through life affirming relationships with oneself and others.
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1 Response to Terrain Of Essence ~ Embodiment Awakening

  1. Dawa Gail lorien says:

    Looks great… Wish you were around here… Lu to attend a grp

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