Kim freely weaves energetic science and ancient mysticism into a simple and direct way of accessing our intrinsic nature, synthesizing basic principles of somatic reeducation, trauma resolution, quantum mechanics and the essence work.  She began her training in the field of energy work, body work, spirituality and spiritual psychology in 1971, exploring many mysteries and facets of healing. It was through her injuries as a dancer that she was compelled to explore various forms of healing. By her mid twenties her professional dance career was over, yet, what felt like a tragedy at the time, in reality gifted her launch into a lifelong momentum of deep discovery and resolution. Little did she realize that her love of movement was not ending but was evolving into a new and more subtle form.

Kim is a certified Somatic Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive, and Subtle Energy Teacher trained in spiritual, quantum, and transpersonal modalities and systems of supporting evolutionary change. She has been involved in this particular methodology for 32 years.  She teaches the Latiaf subtle energy system and offers an in-depth three year training intensive for those wishing to claim and live from the precious nature of being.

Kim is also available for private sessions.
360 866-9234


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