Divining The Truth

You have within you, by unique design, an inborn navigational mechanism which can point you either toward or away from the truth. This innate barometer operates like the divining rod that dowsers use when witching for water. My grandfather Anson was such a person. People from all over would call on him to find water on their land for their orchards, livestock or home. This was in northern California where willow trees and cottonwood were plenty, and shared a special relationship with water. As a child, I loved to go along on these excursions.

He’d begin at the periphery, scoping the land from afar. And then he would bow his head in prayer as he stepped onto the land being surveyed. Next he’d find a tree from which to fashion his tool, picking off a branch just below where it divided cleaning away the twigs and leaves till it was smooth like a giant wishbone. Lightly balancing the ends in his hands so that the tip was pointed forward he’d walk about watching for the branch to move. The closer he got to an underground water source the faster the divination rod would rock, and the further away he went it would stop. As he returned again toward the prime location fine tuning the spot, the rod would become more and more energized till like magnetically attracting forces coming together the tip would be pulled straight down and point to the earth. One day Grandpa handed it to me to walk with. The vibratory aliveness was so strong that it felt like trying to hold on to an excited wiggling bunny! Grandpa said that this was the miracle of God working through the living water that is in everything alive.

That brief encounter motivated me to want to better understand our relationship with water, which led me on a lifelong search to know directly the synergy of Divine alignment, healing waters, and life. Eventually it brought me to learn the subtle energy system of the latifas. In this methodology, when a person is identified with fear, doubt or lies their essential water dries. And on the contrary, when an individual is congruent with the loving truth their state of being is streaming and full; a Divine elixir…my cup runneth over. So play with this, and open your awareness to noticing what thoughts or actions leave you feeling withered and which ones blossom you. Here we are the water, the divining rod, the geomancer and the path in ONE!

Go to the following link for a recorded experiential walk through of this exercise.



2 Responses to Divining The Truth

  1. Tea-mahm says:

    Hi Kim,
    Good to see this! A new connection, Divining and Latifas.
    Love to you,

  2. Kim Lincoln says:

    The latifs showed me the connection! Such beautiful guidance, grace~xo

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