Essence Training: Latifas

The subtle body of our soul consists of numerous essences referred to as Latifas. These essences make up the spiritual body or energies that bridge mind and matter. Matter, which is our physical body, can shift according to the state of being, belief, or inner state of our mind. So any shift of consciousness creates a change. Not only does this change affect our identity, causing us to question who is it we believe we are, it can also affect the denser matter of our physical body. Yet in instant America most people want this change to happen quickly, to be over with and to be permanent. This is not canned soup! Yes, while it is possible for someone to experience an instantaneous shift, it is not fixed. This is an ongoing practice that requires integration, assimilation, and deep learning. One aspect of learning requires of us to discern the look-alike impostors ego grabs onto with that of an essential identity. Here understanding develops out of our commitment to know the truth. And this knowing, in order to function fully, needs to be known through the heart.

There are a variety of Latifas each with an approximate location, and domain of influence. So when we refer to the heart, it is not restricted to the physical location of the heart in our body. But rather, there are five essential locations of what we call heart that include both sides, the head, chest, and belly. So just as there is an anatomical structure to our physical body, there is also an anatomy to our subtle body, consisting of various pathways, vibratory rates, substances, spaces, colors, and layers, which is accessed by way of subtle perception. Hence, the less developed one’s consciousness is, the denser or more fixed the essence is. So in this way we refer to it as false essence, because it is not yet cleaned and cleared of impurities, which are nothing more than the distortions of false beliefs. Yet, when we allow our presence to drop all the way through whatever the density or pain is, an alchemical process unfolds the potential that was hidden, revealing the precise quality of essence needed to illicit healing.

These essences bring particular substances or antidotes in place of what was lacking. A very specific medicine of the Soul. For example, if value was lacking, and the individual is suffering from a feeling of worthlessness, an essential nectar of a golden, honeyed substance may manifest, permeating their every cell and fiber calling for atonement, and the perceiver will actually experience that particular wound healing, and so on.  Yet the blind cannot see it, the deaf cannot hear its sound, nor can the ignorant know how to recognize the gift being given. This is to be developed because while essence is our True Nature, we have not yet fully developed our subtle organs of perception to detect it’s presence.We must cultivate our faculties of sensing and grow our capacity to claim and live an essential life in order to ‘Be”-come more fully human. More loving and kinder. More generous and truthful. Capable, enlivened, aware, and rooted in peace in order to actualize more fully all that we are. Living a conscious life is a life where we are moved by the fluid Grace of Being!

Kim Lincoln will be offering a new Latiaf Training workshop series beginning in  September.

Also available are the Gifts of Being drop-in classes the first three Mondays of each month 7-8:30pm at The Heart Of Wellness, Tumwater, WA


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