Know Thyself

How do you access what is so hidden, so precious, so sacred? What is it to know thyself? And how is it that you come to trust this knowing? Is it truth or delusion? How does one discern the difference? And once you’ve detected this subtle scent of your essential nature, what is your relationship with it? Is there constancy in your showing up for yourself; are you reliable? Or do you abandon your relationship to your authentic self as something you’ll get to later because it’s inconvenient to give yourself time to pause long enough to notice what’s present? And when you do pause long enough to notice, then what? What’s next, what does it mean, and how to be with that?

Our spiritual practice, the practice of integrating the mind, body, and soul is much like that of the caterpillar. In the beginning, we, like the caterpillar, go from one plant to the next; from one technique to another, gathering sustenance from outside sources, not yet aware of what we have to offer if we awaken to and embody the gold that is within. And as with the caterpillar, we too, at a certain stage in our growth  need to choose a safe place to land and rest into so that we may support that which is unfolding. So there comes a time when the student on their spiritual path, like the pupa, needs to be held in a safe container where the old form can dissolve, grow, and differentiate. Melting, morphing, transmuting; wherein the head joins the heart, the heart is tenderized, and the hardened structure of outgrown beliefs liquefies and becomes transformed. A different form occurs through an alchemical process where one is no longer earth bound, but is given wings to fly with to freely navigate both heaven and earth. The spirit becomes free and is embodied providing full expression of being here on earth. As a butterfly we outgrow the need to consume life and become one that grows life by gathering and spreading pollen while sipping nourishing nectars. One engages in the co-creation of life. Enabling the fruiting and blooming of life while being fed by life and so one grows up, joining the abundances of the cycle of life, where giving is receiving and receiving is giving. And there is plenty for all in the contentment of knowing Self.

If a safe space to explore your unfolding process would feel beneficial to you at this time, please allow me to assist you through your metamorphosis from a limited self image to the abundance of your limitless essential self.


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