The Ecology Of Health

In welcoming the new growth that change brings, an exquisite unfolding precedes it, revealing a precise landscape indigenous to whatever the particular concern or viewpoint may be at the time. Within this landscape resides a vast ecology intrinsically woven into the health of our well-being.

As we awaken from the sleep of automatic conditioning and give our awareness to the sensate territory energetically manifest in the physicality of our body, we are met with the meticulously crafted convolutions and mental construction mired in the instability of runaway emotion. Here anything and more that is possible is mirrored and reflected through the natural world around us from vacuous dimensions of space to the momentum of shape shifting avalanches; glacial freezes and the chaotic turbulence of muddy water. Log jams, lava, tornadoes; craggy edges, cliffs and so on.

Along the way we learn to open to and trust the guidance of our soul where perception bends the illusion of time and matter, reminding us of the constancy and landings that paradox brings as we traverse the delicate balance of known and unknown. Herein lays the deep ecology of our health; from which is born the tiny mighty potency of life creating life. A fundamental bio-dynamic presence that is youthifying and resilient. This is our innate wisdom, the radiant effulgence of being. It is here that one can directly experience both the female and the male energies dancing in courtship, consummating, returning us to the preciousness of our pure nature. Thus reminding us of the wholeness we are as we be-come one in the divine dance of radical synergy.

This is where whole healing occurs, at times profound; yet at other times so delicate that it is barely perceptible. Arising not from a goal to be gotten, for if enforced we may get caught in the struggle of the storm and find our self tattered and worn. But rather; from diligently tending the garden of our soul little by little, by cultivating the ground of our awareness, turning the soil, sorting the rocks and composting the resistance of our falseness. Planting the seeds of love and surrendering to the healing waters of our perceived vulnerability and to then let go to the emergent process flowering forth our essential nature so that we may recognize, claim, cherish, celebrate and live from the beauty and abundance of a thriving authentic self.

Kim Lincoln offers “The Gifts of Being” classes the first three Mondays of each month from 7:00-8:30pm as well as the Latiaf Training and a 3 year Intensive Course.


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